About Us

Soul Food is about Love...

Since 2009, Sandy’s Soulfood & Caribbean Cook’n has been cruising thru Metro Atlanta serving up flavorful and healthy lunches. We provide a Convenient Food Delivery Service, and a Top notch Professional Catering Service. Delivery of our distinct food type has become our niche. Sandy’s features a modern and authentic Southern Soul food menu with a twist that includes dishes influenced from the Islands of the Caribbean. Our food incorporates traditional Southern American meals, but with healthy homemade cooking styles that we consider modern. Three words that describe our food: healthy, flavorful, and quality.


We do not condone daily eating of fried foods, instead we provide our customers with healthier choices. We mostly offer grilled, baked, or slow cooked meats and vegetables. We believe that a healthy meal consists of three food groups (protein, carbohydrate, vegetable), in equal portions, always including a vegetable.


Our food has so much flavor simply because we use high quality ingredients that are all natural and fresh. We are passionate about our meals and strive to create the perfect combination of ingredients. Most importantly, we do not use processed foods, and prevents the risk of harmful chemicals entering our bodies. We provide real food, and real food always tastes better.


We care about our customers and it is our responsibility to provide you with the healthiest and most delicious meals possible. So, our food is simply Southern American and Caribbean food cooked with passion and care!

Chef & Founder

Sandy Simpson graduated from Buffalo State College, and also attended Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. A former Apparel Designer in New York's Fashion Industry, Sandy's creative skills allowed her to easily reform into the culinary world. Sandy has spent 8 years in the restaurant industry establishing her brand. With Southern maternal roots and Jamaican paternal roots, she incorporates the food she loves and grew up with. Today, Sandy strives to cook healthier modern versions of what our preceding relatives traditionally prepared.